Monkey Go Happy

Monkey go happy is an easy casual game. Your only task here is to make your pet, this Monkey, pleasant. There are many levels in the game, so are you interested in challenging the Monkey to restore its good mood?

Monkey go happy’s game operation

Monkey go happy’s game is simple and easy to use, use the left mouse button to click on the items on the screen. In this area, you may need to click on objects. For example, the first level only needs to click on the fruit knife to cut the fallen coconut to make the Monkey happy. It may also be to help complete a task. For example, all bowling balls will be knocking down within the time control range. It could also be a puzzle  …

Monkey go happy’s game features

In Monkey, go satisfied, it is simple to help a monkey get a good mood for a while, but it needs your constant efforts to make it happy for a long time. The primary level is relatively simple. As you keep going through it, the task of laughing monkeys becomes more and more difficult.  More, it is still testing your wisdom and skill. Every item in the game may be the key to making you laugh at monkeys. Finally, it has a time limit. If the challenge is not successful, you can reset the problem again.

If you are a person with strong empathy and excellent observation, you must come to Monkey go happy;Here is an unhappy monkey who needs your delicate mind to help him overcome the difficulties at every stage, thus obtaining difficult happiness and smiles.  Azalea dolls are more of a game with a strong sense of design, where you can dress different dolls in various styles to make them feel brand-new.

Text twist 2 is a puzzle and exciting game. You will fill in words according to the clues you choose. Only if you fill in more names and ensure the correctness, you can win the match and win while bad ice cream is a leisure game that collects fruits and avoids ice monsters. You must move carefully so that you can collect fruits without being touched by ice monsters.  Once met, the game is over.  If you want to experience a simulated game, then papa’s scooperia will make you feel it on every post, and you will make different styles of food for different customers and make them happy.  And if you do well, you will also be rewarded by the guests.